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Pendleton Chap Class                    

Chaps not only provide protection from the weather and brush, they give the rider a superior grip on the saddle. Shotgun, 5-snap, and zippered chaps provide the most coverage and warmth. The 5-snap chaps and Colorado Work chaps are sufficiently ventilated to be comfortable in summer, too.  Cool in the summer, and easiest to walk in, our Chinks are made Northwest Style, providing full coverage to the inside of the knee and are long enough to kneel on. This type of chink uses almost the same amount of leather as full length chaps. Chinks with less coverage are available upon request.

All my chaps are made of oil-tanned, work weight leather unless requested otherwise. Zippered chaps are made slightly lighter in weight to facilitate a good bend in the knee area. American Bison, Water Buffalo, and Horsehide are also available.

More colors of leather are available besides what are pictured on these pages.To see more colors, go the leather colors page.

Measure your inseam fully and leg measurements snugly when using the chap chart at the Order page.

Exotic hair-on chap materials include Angora (white, black, and some bright colors sometimes available), Tibetan Lamb (finer and longer than Angora, black or white), Bear, Buffalo, and brindle, spotted or black Cowhide. 



Jill's Chinks


Stacking Scallop Stamped, Antique Silver Conchos, Special Ladie's Leg Cut













Detailed Photos










Jo's Woolies

Rare Color Angora Step-in Chaps, Floral Carved Tops, Slash Pockets, With Matching Gray Buckskin Backs, Made Just Like The Old Time Woolies with canvas lining, $1875

Detailed Photos



Nadine's Bison Chinks

American Bison Glove-tanned leather on the legs, surrounded by dark brown American Bison fringe to match the star-stamped tops and side yokes. Nice feminine cut to this pair, accentuated by rolled and scalloped leg tops, wrap-around back belt, and brass berry conchos.







Basket Stamped Chinks With Roping Yokes $520

Top yoke extends down to protect hip while dragging calves or pulling a pack string (feature available on any chap or chink for $35). Your choice of rear belts: rodeo lace-up, or buckled belt;  front string tie (for safety) or front belt, full fringe pictured.

(Plain Chinks $425)











Columbia Basin Chinks

Ring and Star Geometric Stamped Old Style Yokes and Stainless Conchos, $460





Clink's Chinks

Glovey chinks with floral carved roping yokes and conchos made from commemorative coins form the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, each coin appearing to weigh one ounce Sterling.  Coins were domed and a loop back was brazed on to connect to the belts in back.  

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Casey's Work Chinks

Pockets and Oil Tan Leather with Floral Carved Roping Yokes



Detailed Photos


EK Chaps

Straight top chaps with rolled button closures and patch pockets, embossed tops and belt. $580



   Got the chaps last night.  The leather is beautiful, and they fit like a glove.  I couldn't be happier.  When my friends are drooling over them, I will be sure to give them your name.

               Thanks a lot, Ed Kisling"












A.H. Riders

Old Time Chaps with Double Pockets

Patch Pockets atop Slash Pockets and cuffs sets off this pair of zippered chaps featuring extra oiled and waxed pull-up leather. Belt, Yokes, and Patch Pockets darkened for contrast, $625


Old Time Leggins with Slash Pockets

Shown after a month of use, these sturdy chaps protect against weather and brush, and grip the saddle well. Slash pockets are easy to use while doing chores and ranch work. You can securely pack a small  revolver in these pockets, too. Snap closures. (shown with a few months' use)








Detail from Woolies made with spots



Chap Options: 

Leather is available in many more colors besides what is shown on these pages.

Fringe $60

Patch Pockets $25 each

Slash Pockets $35 each

Basket or Geometric Stamped Top Yokes $120; Back belt to match, $50; side yokes (down legs) tooled to match, $50

Floral Carved Top Yokes $160; back belt to match, $80; side yokes to match, $80

Cuffs. add $70

Laced-up legs on shotguns $45

Brass, Stainless, and Sterling Silver Conchos available in various price ranges depending on style and size, ranging from $2 each for simple brass conchos, $6 each for fancier brass conchos, and $8 to $20 each for engraved brass conchos, to $15 and up,  each, for engraved sterling silver conchos ; please call for quotes.

Spots available in Brass, Nickel, and Sterling; call for quotes. Generally about 20 to 30 cents apiece for brass or nickel spots, depending on size.  Nickel-silver spots are now available, too.

Pinked edges (an old-time zig-zag pattern) on edges of pockets, yokes, and down the sides  $150