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Floral Carved Brief Case $1185

Two large pockets inside this briefcase carved in the Sheridan Rose style, with dyed background and sterling buckle set.

Briefcase with 1880's Northern Plains Poppy Floral Carving

Brass Harness Hardware, Shoulder Strap with Carved Pad, Mahogany Color, $825


                 Monel and Brass Covered Stirrups     

Stainless Monel wrapped around high quality laminated wood stirrups that are stronger and more symmetrical than solid wood stirrups.  Leather stirrup roller covers with either leather ling inside the stirrup or leather treads, add $35 per pair. Heel blocks, oak or maple, added to stirrups, add $25.   

2", 2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2", 4" treads, $170

4 1/2", $180,   5", $190


Floral Carved Wallet or Checkbook Cover, with  kidskin or kangaroo credit card pockets and  pockets for bills, $205

Shooting Star and Sheridan Rose Pattern Shown, approximately 4" x 7" per side





                                                  Tapaderos and Martingales                                                 

Geometric border stamped tapaderos with plain stirrups, $250.  Other styles of tapaderos available upon request.  Semi-Martingale breast collar (doesn't go over the neck, but straps to breast collar dees), geometric stamped, latigo lined, $225.  Martingale with fancy 2" brass concho, , $255.

Wrist Cuffs

Cuffs protect the rider from brush and take the sting out of collisions with the saddle horn while roping. Shirt sleeves last longer when handling bales of hay. 

Old style Cheyenne pattern with two snaps, also available with small belt closure; Upper Cuffs, Serpentine stamped, antique oil brown, $125; Lower Cuffs, embossed with spots, $125.






Meeker Wrist Cuffs and matching Spur Straps, Antique Oiled with Serpentine (Carlos) Border and Basket Stamping, Cuffs, $135, Spur Straps, lined, $125

More Cuffs on Gear I Page








Big Z's Cuffs

Made for local range rider, with belt closure to deflect brush without coming undone, Ring and Star Geometric Stamping, $145 

More cuffs on Gear I Page 


Bucking Rolls $80

Bullfrog welts, add $30, Stingray welts, add $50 

Hair-On Buck Rolls, $105


Miniature Fanny Pack, based on nineteenth century percussion cap pouches and early cartridge pouches, floral carved; good for a night of dancing, just large enough for I.D., keys, and cash (3 3/4"wide x 3" high x 1"deep), $145. Closes with brass finial just like the original pouches.  Magnet snap also available.

Shoofly, $30, fancy hitched knot at top, 12" long



Headstall, Floral Carved, with Sterling Conchos, $200 ( More old-time headstalls to be pictured soon) Latigo lined


Leather Care Products  
No petroleum, all natural:

Saddle Butter  
 Pint, conditions and waterproofs, use very sparingly on tooling, prevents squeaking 

Chap Wax/Dri-Boot  
        half-pint, waterproofs chaps, great on boots, snow-pacs, gloves, saddle rigging 

Montana Pitch Blend  
        waterproofs, conditions, softens more than saddle 
butter, use on boots and gloves   $10  


Skidmore's Leather Cream

Water repellent, conditions, makes old saddles look really great, tooling and all; dries with a satin finish that brings out the natural patina of your leather goods; Skidmore's Leather Cream does wonders for old, antique leather goods. Use very sparingly.  6 oz. size, $9.50, 17 oz.size, $14 Skidmore's Waterproof [not pictured], 6 oz.size,  $10;17 oz.size, $14

      How To Care For Leather

The first step is to dust off your gear with a very soft hand brush, usually sold at the hardware store with a little dustpan. Then wipe your gear down with a damp cloth.  Use a lint-free cloth, especially with tooled leather.  Next, clean the leather with a damp cloth and glycerin saddle soap.  You may need to repeat this step depending on how soiled your gear is, but don't get your leather so wet that the leather is getting scuffed or the tooling is getting scraped. Also, don't clean so much that you are removing too much oil form the leather. Sometimes, it's a good idea to let the leather air-dry between steps.  A very soft toothbrush is useful for cleaning tooled and carved leather, but don't get too aggressive with the toothbrush. Some of the discoloration on your gear should be considered "beauty marks" and "patina," and actually forms a sort of protective layer. After you've cleaned your leather to your satisfaction, let it air-dry completely before oiling. Pure neatsfoot oil is recommended for leather that you want to keep very pliable, and it will darken the leather, too. Use light coats, applied with a fine paint brush, piece of sheepskin, or a cloth.  For leather that gets a lot of weather or sweat, or that is squeaking against other leather, use Saddle Butter, Skidmore's Waterproof or Chap Wax in light coats, and on tooling, use it very sparingly. If you get too much Saddle Butter on the tooling,  it will leave white deposits of Carnuba wax in the depressions of the tooling.  This can be displaced with a blow-dryer. On Tooling, it is often easier to use Skidmore's Leather Cream, very sparingly, applied with a short-clipped piece of sheepskin .  Maximum waterproofing can be achieved on boots, chaps, and gloves using Skidmore's Waterproof, Chap Wax/Dri-Boot, or Montana Pitch Blend. Avoid getting the Chap Wax on the inside of the chap legs, unless you've got a colt that's tough to stick with!  Instead, use a bit of Saddle Butter or Skidmore's on the inside of the chap leg. 

News just in: Skidmore's Waterproofing, Montana Pitchblend, and Hole's Chap Wax/Dri Boot were the superior performers for water-proofing in a test conducted by SHOP TALK, a trade magazine for leather workers.


Suggestions for oiling horse gear:

Top of the saddle:  Saddle Butter or Skidmore's Leather Cream (very light coat)

   Rigging:  Saddle Butter or Skidmore's Waterproof    

Latigos:  very light coat of Saddle Butter, Skidmore's Waterproof or Leather Cream, neatsfoot oil (pure), or Pitch Blend Oil. Too much oil will make your latigo difficult to tighten.

Saddle Strings:  Chap Wax, Pitch Blend,  or Dri-Boot 

Headstalls and Reins:  Saddle Butter or Skidmore's Waterproof

Stirrup Leathers and Back of Fenders:  Dri-Boot, Pitch Blend, Skidmore's Waterproof, or Chap Wax. Be careful not to get the stirrup leathers too oily and soft where they buckle.

Chaps and Boots:  Dri-Boot, Chap Wax, Skidmore's Waterproof, or Montana Pitch Blend for maximum waterproofing, Saddle Butter or Skidmore's Leather Cream for medium waterproofing along with a little softening. Skidmore's will put a nice sheen on dressier boots.


Pigeon Wing Spur Straps

Floral Carved with Antique Visalia  2 1/2" Berry Conchos, $325 Sold


Basket Stamped Spur Straps, $75



Floral Carved Spur straps, vintage pattern, with Visalia Conchos, circa 1920, $375 SOLD

Same Pattern leathers available with 2 1/2" brass conchos, engraved, $165, in stock.


Tri-colored  Mane Hair Mecate, fancy, 5/8" x 22', $210   Horsehair Tassles for zippers or headstalls, $8 pair                         






Western Guitar Strap, Border Stamped with Brass Harness Spots, Sheepskin lined, $145




  Guitar Strap for Crix Poland of  the band Warsaw, a.k.a. Poland Brothers

                                     Click for details

Four inches wide, padded and leather lined, this strap is figure-carved with M-16 rifles, Colt 19ll pistols, Freedom Snake, and floral designs, $220



Cowhide Vest, in Black Hair-On Cowhide, Modeled by Floyd, $135, other colors available


Party Whips for a Special Birthday

Natural Brown or Antique Chinese Red, $25

More colors available

Also available are spur straps, headstalls, breast collars, belts; silver, brass, and stainless conchos; guitar straps, rifle slings and more. Call or write for more information. If there is something you are looking for and would like for us to carry, let us know. 

Jeff Morrow