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  Saddles III              

  Chaps III              

    Gun Leather III

Gear III      

Pendleton Chap Class                    


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Gear III




Fork Bag          

Straps around the gullet, doesn't interfere with horn, $85






Boot Top Buck Rolls


with your old boot tops





Lizard Print with Real Lizard Accents

3 pocket case, about 12"x16" $90


Like New Justin Boots with Retro Look, size 7 1/2 B, $100










Floral Carved Portfolio

Geometric Stamped Back













 Glove Box

Ties onto Saddle Strings with Tab at Top (Barely visible in photo)

About 4" by 6"



Hand-Tied Cinches, 100% Mohair Body, Bright Accent Colors are Poly/Mohair Blend, Stainless or Bronze Rings, 19 Strand on left, $59;         Gray Body with Purple and Chocolate Trim, $64;  19 Strand with Red          and Chocolate  Trim, $64;  many more strand and color options available.

Miscellaneous Gear

Mule Hide Horn Wraps, Tan, Regular Mulehide, or Chrome Elk, $18

Doubled and Stitched Billet, $30, 1 1/2", 1 3/4", or 2"

Single Ply Billet, $20

100% Wool Pads, Soft and not so thick as to ruin your saddle's fit (too many people use too much pad creating a bad fit and more rolling when mounting; this may lead to a tight cinch)  1/2" Strait Black $49, 5/8" Contoured with wear leathers, $79;  I like to use a thinner pad (3/8-1/2") with a Navajo on top, creating a total padding thickness of about 3/4" to 1".  A new saddle doesn't need much padding until the sheepskin gets compressed.

Horween Premium Latigos, tanned in the U.S. with native hides, rounded edges, 6.5', 7', 7.5', $35 (far left)