Leather Colors from Shooting Star Saddlery

Many of these leathers I bought because they are so beautiful, I just couldn't pass them up at the leather show.  Need something unique and amazing?  Samples sent upon request.


Black'n'Blue Hair-On Cowhide, Denim Chap Leather, Hand Finished Cavallo from Horween Tannery,  Horween Bison

Horween Cavallo and Bison Detail:

These hides would make great chinks with contrasting fringe, backpacks, bags or belts.





Hair-on Lazer calfskin; would make great kids' chaps, vests, handbags, belts, rosin bags for bull riders. This photo does not fully show the colors. The spots on the center hide are metallic gold. The hide on the right is a dark silver mousey color with deep sky blue spots. Left hand hide also has some white hair along the outer edges. Too cool to pass up!

Pictured above are Purple Goat, Gray Buckskin, Purple Lizard, and Rare multi-colored Angora


Purple Kangaroo, Amethyst Kangaroo, Nude Blue Waxed Horsehide, Black and White Hair-On Calf, Background Leather is American Bison, soft and glove-tanned for wonderful chaps or chinks.


Pictured above are some of the sides of leather for special projects. Left to right are Black Tibetan Sheep (similar to Angora for Woolie chaps), Tri-colored Mane Hair Mecate , $180, Purple Lizard, Hair-On Spotted Calfskin, Nude Blue Waxed Horse (Nude means the color is see through so the natural grain and features of the hide are visible), New Denim Kangaroo, Amethyst Goat, Burgundy Kangaroo, Amethyst Kangaroo, Purple Goat, Gray Buckskin, Gray and White Angora, and , in background, Glove Tanned American Bison that would make some great chaps or chinks.


Light Colored Chap Leathers above are, left to right: Light Russet Oil Tan (this work weight leather is already impregnated with waxes and tallows and lightens where it gets bent, it looks really, really good after a few rides), Mottled Brown Pull-up (another work weight oil-tan leather with dark and light shades of brown and a few ochre background colors around the edges, one of a kind), Light Buckskin Colored Glove Cowhides (these supple hides are soft and light and make chaps that only get more beautiful with time), Ochre Glove Chap Leather (nice color and nice soft leather in a work weight).

Beautiful glovey blue cowhide is ideal for chinks or a hand bag. Pebble grained with the tops of the pebble in a frosted, faded denim color with a new denim color in the valley or background. Brown leather is more Bison, U.S. tanned, very soft and glovey; would make great chaps.