Shooting Star Saddlery

730 Battle Butte Rd.


Niarada, Montana  

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Star's Easy Win and Nsuk {Mouse}, just after "pointing" some elk by scent.  



Come see us at Red Ants Pants Music Festival!

Joanne's new Boots



Happy Music Fan Medilen with her new Cuffs at Red Ants Pants Music Festival



Kristen models some gunleather at the Red Ants Pants Music Festival.



New Hands at Johnny's Branding


Recent Visitor


Mouse buddys-up to my old riding partner, and training mentor, Harry Schildt.

about 10 days later

2 years later at Bob's branding


Joanne, Pepper, and new saddle, 2006

Pepper was great horse that we lost this year (2012).  He was 29, never gave us a lick of trouble {except running down Hwy 191, Gallatin Canyon, his first time packing hay; lead rope was iced up, not his fault, was good for a laugh}, and recently packed small kids around for some of their first rides.  He will be sorely missed;  he was part of our family for 23 years.

Shop apprentice Melinda Marsh with her new Chinks

Melinda worked in the shop in Summer 2008 and is a natural.  Look for great work from her.






Saddle Shop in winter,1999

This cabin was the original house for the Herman Ranch, almost 100 years ago. "John Herman was a regular artist with a broadaxe," recalls Harlan Jensen, an old timer who cowboyed on this place.

     Shop porch,      

   Summer 2001   

"come on in"




Chuck Kerr riding a snorty one near Kiowa, MT.


Floyd's Branding 2009

After the work is done



Zak, Oscar, Joanne, and Pepper




Have you seen this Pat Connolly saddle, 13 1/2" seat?


Knots every horseman should know: squareknot, bowline, sheet bend, half-hitch, slip-knot (both kinds), figure-eight, figure-eight slip-knot hitch, overhand knot. (diagrams soon)(send in your favorites!) Go to the webpage AnimatedKnots to see how they're tied.


Coffee at Floyd's



Artist Dan Rinehart enjoying coffee in his pasture west of Browning.

Some of Dan's work



More Branding Photos


Siyeh Creek, Glacier National Park





Nuskgunee at Malcolm's Branding

Bonnie suggested we take these photos on a pack trip in the Badger Two Medicine. Zak's 4 Z Bar saddle above; Bonnie's Strawberry Special saddle below.




Winter Glow



Di's Chinks with Pockets and deer horn buttons Jo and Blue 


Ethan prepares for the appliance shoot.




Denise with her Columbia Basin Chinks and Dave's Spade James Saddle




When it's too icy to ride, sometimes we go skiing.